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Questions and Answers

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Q: What computers does PDF Printer work on? A: All versions of Windows since Windows 2000 (incl XP, ME, Vista, Windows7). It even works on Windows 32bit and 64bit machines. The PDFs you create will work on Windows, Mac, Linux but PDF Printer Pro itself only runs on Windows.

Q: What documents can PDF Printer work on? A: You can create a PDF file from any Windows application that has a File -> Print menu in it. For hyperlinks, bookmarks and tables of contents to be clickable you need to launch PDF Printer from the Ms-Office toolbar. It works with MS-Office since Office 2000 however there is no multimedia support in Office 2000.

Q: Will my links be clickable in the PDF files created? A: There are two types of links.. Plain Text links are text in the format of a Url. eg: http://PdfPrinterPro.com Hyperlinks display one piece of text but when clicked on will open a different Url. eg: Click Here

Q: Is it possible to insert links to other documents? A: Yes its possible, just create your links as usual in Ms-Word except this time link to an existing document. The problem is that MS-Word puts the full path into the Url link so it won't work on other people's computers unless they put the documents in the exact same folder path. This is an Ms-Word problem that I cannot fix.

Q: Can I send my documents via email? A: Yes PDF Printer Pro can create a new email for you with the new PDF attached. It won't send it, you need to click send in your email program. To do this, click the 'attach to new email' checkbox in the 'Actions' tab of PDF Printer Pro.

Q: Is it possible to add clickable tabs/links to different sections of my document? A: Yes, simply create bookmarks in your Ms-Word document and they will be clickable in your PDF and jump to the desired document section when clicked on in the PDF.

All plain text links will be clickable in your PDF no matter what application you use to send your document to PDF Printer for conversion. Hyperlinks will be clickable if you launch PDF Printer from MS-Office Word via the 'PDF Printer' toolbar button.

Q: Will my clickable images be clickable in the PDF files created? A: Yes, your clickable images will still be clickable in the PDFs created.

Q: How about Bookmarks and Tables of Contents? A: Yes these will all be clickable in your PDF if you launched PDF Printer from the Ms-Word toolbar button.

Q: What do the PDF Printer toolbar buttons look like in Ms-Word? A: It looks different depending on the version you have installed. For example:
Office 2003.. PDF Printer Word 2003 Office 2007.. PDF Printer Word 2007

Q: What versions of MS-Office does it work with? A: All versions since Office 2000 until the current release.

Q: Does it work with custom paper sizes? A: Yes. PDF Printer is the only PDF converter that will create your PDF in any custom paper size, eg: Business Cards. Not even Adobe Acrobat Pro does this. Try it.. Acrobat Pro will create your business card in Letter or A4 size.

Q: Why are some of the tabs disabled? A: The most common features people need for PDF Converters are creation, security and document merging. You get all this in PDF Printer Free. Some people need more 'bells and whistles', eg: embeddeding audio and video in their PDFs.. so we created [PDF Printer Pro] for this. The disabled tabs in PDF Printer Free show you what you get in [PDF Printer Pro].

Q: Will it be possible to resize and move the youtube player on the whole area of the page? A: You can resize the movie yourself in Ms-Word to whatever size you want but once you create the PDF the movie will be fixed at the size you set. The movie can take up the whole size of the page except for the margins set on your page.

Q: Or are there limitations when i start layouting the page? A: No, you can place as many videos in your document as you like.

Q: Is it possible to embed vimeo movies? A: Yes.

Q: Is there a Server version? A: Yes, you can [click here] to find out more.

Q: Why is PDF Printer Free actually FREE? A: There are many PDF converters to choose from all of various quality and pricing. We created PDF Printer Free to be one of the best free PDF converters available today. We hope you like it (many people do!) and [let us know] if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Q: What is Ghostscript? A: Ghostscript is the free open source engine that actually does the conversion from Postscript to PDF for PDF Printer. PDF Printer searches your Word document for Hyperlinks, bookmarks and tables of contents, sends the printed 'postscript' to Ghostscript then applies all your settings, document merging and security to the PDFs created and also makes your links, bookmarks and tables of contents clickable.

Q: Where do I download Ghostscript from? A: You can download the 32bit version or the 64bit version.. [Click here] for the 32bit version [Click here] for the 64bit version

Q: Videos won't play in Foxit PDF Reader.. why? A: The FoxIt PDF reader is unable to play multimedia in PDFs created by any PDF converter. Perhaps they will add support for this in the future. Acrobat PDF Reader is free and plays multimedia inside PDF files without a problem, therefore we suggest you use Acrobat PDF Reader to view your PDF files that contain multimedia (eg: audio & video).

Q: Videos won't play on my Mac.. why? A: The default PDF reader tool on the Mac is only a preview tool. It does not play PDF multimedia. To play PDF multimedia (audio & video) on the Mac you need to use Adobe's free PDF Reader for the Mac.

Q: How do I get support? A: We paid a lot of money for a helpdesk script so we like to use it as much as possible.. please contact us [by clicking here].

14 Responses to “Questions and Answers”

  1. Robert Says:

    I have downloaded the PDF Printer and Ghost Script, and it is now working. Next, I'm interested in purchasing the pro version, to embed streaming video from YouTube into the pdf.

    My question - can I easily embed more than one streaming video into a .pdf?


  2. Robert Says:

    How do I embed video into MS Word 2007? I don't see that option listed. Here is a short video of what I see, when looking at my MS Word app (on the insert tab). Please help.

    Video: http://screencast.com/t/NTYwODRmMjct


  3. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Robert, yes, you can embed as many videos as you like in your PDFs.

    Videos can take a lot of space so I suggest streaming their content from another server into the PDF.
    This is done by using my Flash player inside the PDF.

    This is a great way to display whole videos, movies and tutorials from such sites as YouTube while keeping the size of your PDFs tiny.


  4. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Robert, when you upgrade to PDF Printer Pro you will be able to embed videos in your PDFs as described in this video:


  5. GS Says:

    Subsequent to my post yesterday, I tried setting options to download fonts and the Asian Languages did show up. Kindly ignore that question.

    I would like to know whether I can attach many audio files at different locations in one PDF document, i.e., each location will have different Audio file within a single document.


    I tried PDF Print the free version and would like to upgrade to Pro version. I have two questions:
    1. Will Pro version support asian languages (UTF-8 encoding)? I tried converting in Free version, it did not show the Asian language characters.
    2. Can I embed more than audio files to one PDF document?

  6. Brian Says:

    Hi Sean,

    Great to see an Irish business producing quality tools like this for such a good price.

    I was wondering if you could answer me these two questions.

    First, the example of the streaming video inside the pdf doesn't seem to load up for me. I've tried it with firefox and with chrome. Any reason why this might be the case?

    Second, if I were to create some videos to stream through my pdf document could I protect / hide the links so the videos could not be accessed / downloaded by the reader?


  7. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi GS, thanks for your question.

    I'm happy to hear you got the Asian fonts working for you.
    Yes, you can attach as many audio files as you like from different locations in different pages in your document.
    You can even set individual banner images for each of those audio files and set such actions as 'play when the page is displayed', 'stop playing when the page is no longer displayed', etc.


  8. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for your nice words.

    The only reason I can think why the multimedia does not work for you is that either your firewall is blocking the connection to YouTube (where the videos are being streamed from) or you don't have Flash installed on your computer. If you don't have Flash installed then your PDF reader is unable to play the video. Oh yes, if you're trying to view the PDF on a MAC the default PDF reader is a 'preview' tool only and you'll need to use Acrobat PDF reader then.


  9. phil Says:

    Hi Sean,
    Phil here again. I hit yes to continue formatting the MS Word doc in Printer Pro. It did and took me to the Printer Pro Menu. I entered the things I wanted and saved the file to my desktop (2-3 times) before I figured out how to see it on the desktop. I get nothing. just a blue line on of the pages where I inserted a text box. I get no writing and certainly not the flash banner I inserted to try your program. Can you please tell me what I need to do. It opened in PDF Scan soft a pdf program I have. This is very frustrating. I will keep reading on your site to see what's up, but it doesn't seem so simple if I have to do a lot of little tricks here and there just to make things work. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi again Phil,

    I think the issue is that you're trying to view the PDF in a non-Adobe PDF viewer named Scan Soft PDF.
    Can you try to view the PDF in Acrobat PDF viewer please and let me know how it looks?

    It's very possible and more than likely that Scan Soft PDF Viewer is unable to display multimedia inside PDF documents.


  11. martham Says:

    if i purchase the pro edition do you know if it will work once i use this and then upload it into issuu.com? please let me know so i can purchase.

  12. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Martha,

    Yes your PDF files should still work after uploading them to any website, it must be noted however that the PDF viewer plugin that is used when viewing PDFs from inside a browser can act differently depending on which browser and operating system you use.


  13. Leigh Says:

    Hi guys, I wanted to know whether we can produce a pdf within powerpoint.

    I am trying but when I insert a video within powerpoint it doesn't come up in the multimedia option within pdf printer pro. I have tried inserting through Powerpoint and also dragging the file. Works fine in Word though. Just wanted to know if this was possible?

    Many thanks for your help

  14. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Leigh,

    The video function is coded to work inside PDFs created from MS-Word documents. We haven't added support for Powerpoint videos as nobody has asked for it (until now :) )


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