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Play Videos and Flash Movies Inside Your PDFs

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Screenshot of the 'Multimedia' Tab PDF Printer Pro is the only PDF Converter that creates PDF documents with embedded Video and Flash directly from your Word documents. It works with the following Video file formats: » .avi » .mov » .mp4 » .mpeg » .swf » .flv Now you can embed movies and even flash-based advertising in your PDF files. With the power of Flash in your PDF files you can now have animations and content that react based on user input and feedback. Imagine including a 'rating' and 'feedback' system in your PDFs, or how about signup forms. With Flash in your PDFs this and more is easily possible. Simply drag your video or flash file into your Ms-Word document, resize it in your document and let PDF Printer Pro do the rest. Then in PDF Printer Pro specify the actions that play, pause or stop your Video. eg: When the user clicks on the video it starts playing, when they scroll to a different page it stops. You can also have your PDF display a poster image on top of the Video while it is not playing. PDF Printer Pro comes bundled with a set of 18 ready-made professional video posters for use. You can also use your own images if you like. Also included are the Photoshop templates for these posters so you can customise them at any time.

Q: What video actions can I automatically set? A: 3 actions, namely.. Play Video, Pause Video & Stop Video

Q: What user events are supported? A: There are 10 different events to choose from.. Mouse Up, Down, Enter & Exit Page Visible, Invisible, Enter & Exit Receive Focus, Lose Focus

Q: Acrobat Reader says I can't play my PDF with FLV in it! A: If you're missing a codec for playing media in your PDFs you can download the codecs for free [from here].

Q: What is a codec? A: A codec is computer code that understands how to play different file formats. If you've ever played .avi files or .mp3 files on your computer, a preinstalled codec was used to decode the file so it could be played correctly. Codecs are always used when playing media files no matter if they are embedded in a PDF or not.

Q: Can I set the volume and number of times to repeat the video? A: Yes. See the screenshot above.

Q: What is 'Ext. Window'? A: You can have your Video play in it's own external floating window rather than have it play on the page if you want.

39 Responses to “Play Videos and Flash Movies Inside Your PDFs”

  1. Yousef Says:

    I have tried to embed a youtube video in the pdf, but it doesnt work! I see that the video is loading but it doesnt start, please help.

  2. Sean Kelly Says:

    YouYube changed their API and we had to update PdfPrinterPro to match their change. It should work for you now. Thanks.

  3. Greg Says:

    With your software, do you add the video directly into the PDF after it's generated, or do you have to have a Word doc. first, embed the video in that Word doc. and then generate the PDF.

    Can you explain the process clearer please

  4. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Greg,

    First, you put your video, audio or flash file into your Word document.
    Then you resize it to your desired size in your Word document.
    Then you convert your Word document to PDF using PDF Printer Pro.
    Your PDF document will play your video, audio or flash multimedia.

    I have also created a Flash video player (that PDF Printer Pro customers can use for free) that you can put in your Word document. It will stream remote content from such sites as YouTube or Vimeo directly in your PDF document. This is better than embedding the whole video directly in your PDF because your PDF will be much smaller. An internet connection will be needed to stream the video from the remote website though.

    I hope this helps,

  5. Rob Jones Says:

    Sean - just bought PDF Printer Pro and using it in OpenOffice latest version.

    1.Videos will not play when viewed in Adobe Reader
    2.In the MultiMedia tab all options are greyed out - inaccessible.

    Can you explain please?

    Also, where is this Flash video player mentioned above?

  6. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Rob, thanks for your order :)

    For your multimedia to work, hyperlinks and bookmarks to be clickable, etc, you need to launch PdfPrinterPro from the 'PdfPrinter' toolbar button in Ms-Word.
    This is because only the 'PDF Printer' toolbar button in Ms-Word sends the dimensions and locations of links, bookmarks and multimedia to PDF PrinterPro.
    The same issue exists with OpenOffice.. it does not send this information to PDF Printer Pro.

    This is why you see the multimedia options greyed out, no multimedia information was received, only MS-Word sends this info.
    I've explained this in the F.A.Q., sorry if it wasn't clear.

    About the link to the Flash player that streams your content from YouTube, here it is:

    I hope this helps to clarify your questions :)

  7. Rob Jones Says:

    Thanks Sean for your speedy reply - I've just been watching your video tutorial on inserting videos - great stuff!

    But - just to be clear, do I have to use MS Word? Is OpenOffice unsuitable?

    No big deal with OO as I have Office on my main PC - just using my laptop right now which doesn't have Word on it.


  8. Rob Jones Says:

    PS Just tried it in Word 2003 - works likes a charm. Pity about Open Office though.

    Well done Sean for producing a truly useful application - and for such an amazingly low price too!

    (Except VAT in the UK is 20%, not 21% Or do you know something we don't...............?????)

  9. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Rob,

    You only need to use Ms-Word if you want hyperlinks and bookmarks to be clickable and your video and audio to work.
    For every other application (including OpenOffice) you can use the File -> Print -> "Pdf Printer Pro" menu.

    The only reason you need Ms-Word is because it sends all the needed information to the printer driver so that our code knows where to place each element in the PDF document when it's created.

    Thanks :)

  10. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Rob, thanks!

    About the VAT, I agree it sucks. I spoke with our tax department in Dublin and I have to charge the Irish tax rate until my annual online turnover exceeds some ridiculously high threshold. This is why you will see 21% VAT for European residents such as yourself but somebody from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc doesn't need to pay any VAT.

    Of course if you were to have an address outside the EU then this VAT charge isn't applied.
    My company never even gets to see this money as PayPal and Clickbank keep the VAT amount paid and they make the payment for us.

    It is for this reason I opened a company in Delware so that I could use it for selling to people inside the EU from Delaware without charging VAT. What's currently holding my back is getting this to work with my current shopping cart which does not support such shinanigans.


  11. Letitia Says:

    Hi Sean:

    When I click on the multimedia tab in the PD printer program my video does not appear in the video drop down tab where I can make changes. Should I be saving my video files some place special on my computer. Currently I have a video on my desktop and dragging it to my word document; but I am not able to see my video in the multimedia tab. Please help.


  12. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Letitia,

    You need to click the 'PDF Printer' button in the toolbar of Ms-Word to launch PDF Printer Pro instead of selecting File -> Print -> PDF Printer.
    This is because only the toolbar button sends PDF Printer Pro the details of your hyperlinks, bookmarks and multimedia (audio & video).

    If you launched PDF Printer Pro using the Ms-Word toolbar button and you can't see your video in the drop-down list can you tell me the file extension of the video please?
    Also, does the video play ok? Sure it's not corrupted?

    These details will help diagnose the issue.


  13. Letitia Says:

    Hi Sean:

    Thanks for your quick response. I just realized that my video was in wmv format which the software does not recognize. I converted it into a mpeg format; after doing that I did not get a chance to check it out because all of a sudden the PDF Printer no longer shows up in the toll bar of my microsoft word application. I am not sure what has happened now. I placed a support ticket to get the issue resolved. For some reason the software is not appearing in the toolbar of my microsoft word application. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and re-started my computer and still nothing happened. So I am not sure what happened. I also purchased the pdf locker. I am looking forward to making everything happen.



  14. Letitia Says:

    I think I figured it out. For some reason when I could not see the video file initially; I re-uploaded the software thinking it had something to do with that; and after reading the license rights I realized that because I uploaded it more than twice it may have not allowed me to download it. Am I correct with that analogy? Is there a way for my license usage to be reset so that I can start from the beginning?



  15. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Letitia,

    Microsoft have an article in their knowledgebase to help when toolbar buttons disappear in Ms-Word:

    I hope it helps you resolve your missing toolbar button issue in Ms-Word.

    About the video formats that work with PDF Printer Pro, the software only works with the video formats that work inside PDF documents; Those formats are: .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .swf, .flv


  16. Letitia Says:

    Hi Sean:

    I am using Microsoft 2007. I will try with the information you gave me above. What is happening; I am seeing the microsoft tool bar itself but the PDF Printer tab is not appearing anymore for some reason.


  17. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Letitia,

    Reinstalling the software doesn't disable any features so there is no 'reset' necessary.
    I think the missing toolbar button is an Ms-Word issue and hopefully Microsoft's article I provided in my previous message helps you figure out how to make the toolbar button display again.
    What version of Ms-Office are you using? We support all versions of Office since Office 2000 but Office 2000 itself does not support multimedia.


  18. Yousef Says:

    Hi Sean,

    I have a question regarding adding swf.
    Is it possible to change the setting so that the video plays in "floating window" mode? It would be a very useful feature for me but I couldnt find a right setting in PdfPrinter.

    I need this feauture because I want save place on the pages.

    PS: In "adobe x pro" you can set if a video should be shown in "floating window" or just "on the page".

  19. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Yousef,

    Yes this is easy to do. Click on the 'multimedia' tab and select the 'Ext. Window' checkbox.


  20. Robert Says:

    Hi Sean,

    I've been experimenting with PDFPrinterPro and am extremely satisfied with it's performance and potential. You're a genius!

    I need help embedding Vimeo using the Multimedia PDF Converter. I'm able to insert YouTube bit not Vimeo. Please help.


  21. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Robert, happy to hear you're liking it :)

    About vimeo.. well they protect their 'share' links inside javascript so you have to dig deep to find the 'real' url that links directly to the video.
    So I did all that for you but then found that their website explicitly does not allow streaming of their content directly to other sources such as websites or PDF documents.
    So unfortunately vimeo do not permit streaming their videos elsewhere at this time.. hope they change this policy because it's lost ad revenue for them.


  22. phil Says:

    Hi Sean,
    I purchased your software about 2 weeks ago and I am just now trying to use it. I clicked on PDF printer to test it. I placed a flv banner in a document that I already have and tried to create it under PDF Printer. It has not created the doc yet! What's up? It did say something about some pages being a different size but I had no idea what it meant. I created a booklet and just put the banner in it to test it. Do all my docs have to be in a standard 8x11 size? Please help and tell me why it takes so long to generate. I don't know if it's working or not. It has been over 10 minutes!

  23. phil Says:

    Hi Sean,
    one more thing. I created a file using a flip using a flip book program. The document has already been saved in the program as a flip book. Can I insert it into a MS Word doc and then convert into PDF Print and have the flip book show? Please help. Thank you.

  24. phil Says:

    Okay Sean,
    Can't figure this out at all. I inserted a mov file in my MS document. Just dragged and inserted it where I wanted it. Clicked PDF Printer and under the embed video tab I clicked to make page visible and play. But when I did (2 separate times) it tell my pdf is created and both times the pdf opened and nothing showed on my pages. I emailed you about this earlier. Why isn't there anything showing at all? I am using Word 2007 and I have created pdf files but why isn't anything showing?

  25. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Here are the steps to play a .mov file in your PDF...
    1. drag your .mov file into your MS-Word document
    2. resize the .mov file to your desired viewing size
    3. click the 'PDF Printer Pro' toolbar button on the ms-word toolbar to start the PDF conversion.
    Do not use the File->Print->PDF Printer Pro menu in Ms-Word because that will not send the correct movie information to PDF Printer Pro.
    4. Inside PDF Printer Pro select 'Multimedia' -> 'Embedded Video' and select your video from the drop-down list.
    Then select event 'Mouse Down' and action 'Play' and click 'Insert'.
    5. Click 'OK' to save the PDF.

    This way when the user clicks on the movie it will play. You could also select event 'Page Visible' and action 'Play' but don't forget to click the 'Insert' button to insert this command into your PDF.. I guess you forgot to click the 'Insert' button :)

    If your copy of Adobe Reader cannot play .mov files you should see a popup message 'Cannot play media clip'.


  26. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Phil, many thanks for your purchase..

    I think what has happened is that when the message box was displayed on your screen the 'PDF Printer Pro' window became hidden behind your Ms-Word window but was still running in the background. I guess by now you've already switched windows and saw the application was actually ready and waiting for you to select your options :)

    Apart from that PDF Printer Pro should create your PDF really quickly, the main things that may slow it down are massive video files directly embedded (instead of streaming from youtube) or documents with hundreds of pages where each page also has a watermark.. that can slow it down a bit.


  27. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi again Phil,

    You can embed anything you want into an MS-Word document so long as MS-Word supports it however PDF Printer Pro at this time only searches your document for images, links, clickable images, bookmarks, videos, audio (mp3, etc) and flash files. If your flipbook is a flash file then that will work, just drag it into your MS-Word document, size it to the desired size and click the 'PDF Printer' button in the Ms-Word toolbar.


  28. Pete Says:

    Hi Sean

    Will you ever revise / re-create PDF Printer Pro so that we can use it with Open Office? (I mean audio and video embed features).

    I do not have MS-Office (too expensive). But I want to embed audio (and video) in pdfs.

    If PDF Printer Pro does not work with Open Office in this specific case, then it seems to make no difference if I continue to use other pdf creators. No need PDF Printer Pro :-)

    Nevertheless I salute you Sean, for creating the only PDF converter in the world which can embed audio and video ... besides Adobe (which is too damn expensive :-)

    Glad you have created the world's one and only serious challenge to Adobe!



  29. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Pete, many thanks!

    It's true that PDF Printer Pro will not create clickable bookmarks and embed audio, video and flash when using Open Office, it will do these things with MS-Word.
    The reason for this is because there have been few requests for PDF Printer to work with Open Office which is unusual since it's free and MS-Word is not free.

    I'll do another survey and see if there is increased interest in this feature and if so add support for these advanced features in Open Office.
    In the mean time you can still use PDF Printer Pro with Open Office to create your PDFs and set security settings, watermarks, page display options, clickable plain-text links.


  30. Bronwyn Wilson Says:

    I am interested to know if this works with MS Word 2010?

  31. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Bronwyn,

    Yes PDF Printer Pro works with MS-Office 2010 / MS-Word 2010.


  32. Kevin Crabtree Says:

    I am using word 2007 and it pdf printer is not showing up in the toolbar so I can add a video Please I need help fast

  33. Jim Says:

    Hi Sean,

    I bought Pdf Printer Pro a few years ago. I'm trying to get youtube videos to stream from pdfs that I've created with word docs using your instructions. I've used your flash player but it isn't streaming the video from youtube.

    Any idea why?

    It says on your website instructions when creating the flash player to add my license and email address.

    Is this a must?

    I don't know where my license number is. Can I find it in the PDF Printer Pro?

    Thanks for your help.


  34. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Jim, at this time you can leave the license key field blank as there are no license keys issued yet for PDF Printer Pro.

    I think the problem you're seeing with the Flash player not working is that you double-clicked on it instead of opening it inside a browser.
    Drag the flash file into IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc and it should play for you then.


  35. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Here is an excellent article chock full of tips and tricks to make hidden toolbars display again in Ms-Word:

    If all of those ideas fail, there is a piece of software here that can 'unhide' ms-word toolbars (I havent tested it so use at your own risk):

    If you manage to get the PDF Printer toolbar to display but then there are no buttons on it, I found a solution for this at this url:

    ..basically it says:

    "In Word Right Click anywhere on the Toolbar, click on Cusomize, click on the Options tab then click on 'Reset menu and toolbar usage data' button. You will receive a message, click on Yes, restart word."


  36. Andy Wright Says:

    Hi Shaun,

    I've spent quite a while trawling the web trying to find an answer to this one, so wondered with your specialist knowledge whether you'd have a definitive answer.

    I'm need to embed a video into a pdf and play it on an iPad – it's for a sales presenter that is to be taken to locations without wifi, hence the need to run it locally.

    Acrobat Pro formats embedded videos as flash which the iPad won't play, but the legacy content generator options doesn't seem to play ball.

    I'm using the Adobe reader app on iPad which shows the video thumbnail, but won't run the media.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,

  37. Luis Gaviria Says:

    Dear friends,

    I just purchased the pro version and the Embedded Media tab is not working.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Luis Gaviria

  38. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Luis, many thanks for your purchase.

    In PDF Printer Pro, hyperlinks, bookmarks, audio and video will work correctly if you launch PDF Printer Pro from the MS-Word 'PDF Printer' toolbar button.

    This is because Windows does not pass this information to PDF Printer Pro when you launch it from the File -> Print menu so you have to launch PDF Printer Pro from the Ms-Word toolbar button instead.

    I hope this helps explain why you're having the problem you described.

  39. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Andy, well the first thing to note about Apple products is that the default PDF viewer does not support fancy annotation such as audio and video.

    For these things to work you need to install Adobe's own free reader software. For the Mac that is how you can play audio and video in your PDFs. For the iPhone and iPad it's very possible these things won't work because they have been stripped down to use as few resources as possible. For example, the iPhone and iPad will not play flash, and that's by design.

    If you really want your sales presenter to play sales videos on their iPad when no wifi is available they can download the video before they go on the road and then play it directly.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help,
    Sean K.

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