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Protect Yourself (and your PDFs!) From Thieves

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Screenshot of the 'Security' Tab Protect your hard work and investment by deterring would-be thieves from stealing, butchering and sharing your PDF content without your knownledge or permission. Encrypting the contents of your PDF documents is a lot like locking your car.. people may find a way to break in but the lock is an effective deterrant and slows down thieves considerably.

Protect your PDFs the way you want with fine control using 8 differnet security settings as well as password protection and security strength settings.

Q: Why are there two password boxes? A: The first box is for the password that the user needs to enter before they can open or read your PDF. You will need to provide this password to your readers but expect some extra support from people that lose their passwords, type them in incorrectly or don't like using passwords to read a PDF.
The second box is for the password you need if you ever want to change or remove the security settings in your PDF in the future. We have an inexpensive tool named 'Pdf Locker' at PdfLocker.com that you can use to change your PDF security settings at any time.

Q: How do I stop people from copy & pasting my PDF text? A: Make sure the 'Allow Content Copy & Paste' checkbox is unchecked

Q: What the heck are Annotations? A: PDF documents can contain special markup such as shout boxes, drawings or forms. These things can be modified using a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro (costs around $300) unless you disallow it. Allowing modification of annotations is generally not recommended, its kind of like handing a can of gasoline and matches to a kid.

Q: Why should I care about screen readers? A: People with sight difficulties use various pieces of software and hardward to make it easier for them to read your PDF documents. These devices are known as screenreaders. They sound great but they alos make it easier for a hacker to copy the contents of your PDF.
You need to make a decision between allowing sight impaired people read your document or giving hackers an easy time. This is your mission Bond whether you like it or not. Thanks Adobe!

Q: Why would I disable printing? A: Because printing an encrypted PDF to a PDF Converter (such as PDF Printer) will create a new unencrypted PDF with no security in it. Yes, the new PDF will be an exact replica of your old PDF but completely unsecured.
Of course you'll always have people that like to print everything out (who care about rain forests right?) because they like to 'read' printed material rather than 'read' from a computer screen.

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